Notes / Presentations:

June 17, 2021



Roundtable Discussion

Each department shared their current in-office/remote schedules. The DS team is generally staggered, remote/flex schedules. Fire is in-office, except Lori flex on Weds, Debbie on Fri. Police, and Town Manager's Office are in-office full time. DoIT is mostly back in-office except Brittaney and Craig, Debbie is part-time M-R. Finance is mostly staggered hybrid schedules, but always represented in-office by each division; AnnaMaria is in-office M-T-R and non-Council Weds. Legal Team is in-office M-W and remote R-F, unless needed. Public Works is hybrid in-office: Jaci is remote on Mon, Monica on Weds, plus flex-Fridays. Water is in-office full time, except Stormwater is hybrid schedule. 

DoIT shared PC replacements are on-track, and 2022 budgeting is in process -- Please let Jenn know of new tech acquisitions for 2022.

Finance would like to present at a future meeting for procedure reminders and introduce new staff. They have completed the annual financial and budget reports, and PAFR, now available online.

Legal shared upcoming changes in the Town Council agenda process, and reminder of advance deadline for contracts and agreements - please notify Legal ASAP of any items coming their way.

Public Works mentioned the road damage/buckling on Plum Creek - to be repaired today,

TMO is preparing for the June 30 Employee Appreciation Breakfast and gifts - 760 hoodies and 560 gift cards.  Also will not be posting video recordings of A-Team meetings going forward, for confidence staff can speak freely without being recorded - we'll share notes on our Depot page instead.

Water shared that their new administration building should be coming in September, includes larger spaces for meeting rooms - will look to offer a tour for A-Team meeting when it's completed.

Thanks everyone!